Practical Magic


Well, it's getting busy in the Wyoming Tetons! Time to get away from the tourist crowds and camp, swim, party and relax as much as possible in between all your loaded work days. Jackson hole is good at giving you a run for your money, which means- you ought to spend it hard, too -when the time is juuuust right. 

You can be practical, and still look cute. Anyone who tells you differently has awful style, Ok? I'm from New York, I will never give up pushing random fashion trends on this tiny Wyoming town. With that said, even when I'm out car camping I tend to bring along my linen sheets and pillows, a super breathable fabric that's ideal for all kinds of weather. High top sneakers are great for tall grasses, campfires, and pesky mosquitos- pair them with some high socks and you're good (lookin'!) to go. Don't forget the bug spray and S'well water bottle - fit for a canteen queen. 

For nights out with friends after a weekend of camping, flaunt a flashy ring that people will talk about for weeks (or these awesome hair rings! Braid them in, or just wear a few for effect), pair with a clean white T-shirt, skater skirt, and stay in those sneaks and high socks. Add a "statement pin" of the day, and tousled campfire hair from the night before. Everyone will want to know who you are, and why you look so put together... for looking so messy dressy.  Get it girl. 

1: Dark Blue Linen Bedding - $119 — $239 at Urban Outfitters 2: Not Normal Cat Pin — $4 Ultra Terrestrial  3: Do work lapel pin — $8.99 at Strangeways 4: Vans Sneakers – $80 VANS  5: Hair rings  — $14.95 ETSY  6:  Lune Ring — $363 unearthen 7: Kassia Surf Socks — $14 Stance  8: Weathed Faux Mat — $89 on Amazon  9:  S'well birchwood Stainless steel water bottle — $25-35 S'well