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Long Live Snail Mail

Each month we mail a letter to someone who inspires us in the physical world. If we're lucky, they mail one back. Then we high dive in to the internet and don't resurface until our net is filled with links for your click-hole enjoyment. Explore and get inspired. Get involved and connect. Chill out. We're just here to have some fun. 



P.O. Box 16158 San Diego, California 92176

Sending someone mail is a gift of your time, effort, and thought. Fun mail makes people happy! That’s a fact.

Luxury is scarcity and unexpectedly receiving something truly unique is a mood altering experience. 

Join us in pursuit of real connections outside the digital world.

Crunched for time? Not ready for your first tangible leap? Punkpost has your back and our stamp of approval.

Download Punkpost's iOS app and send your first card for free! 


Mail Order Goodness


Chain Letters