Rain or Shine Products


I've had several friends ask me what brand of beauty products I enjoy "on the reg",  so I thought I would share a few of my staples. All of the following have lovely package design, as well. 

1: Bamboo charcoal soap - $12 at Roam in Jackson Hole, WY or Herbivore.  2: Bite Beauty "Amuse bouche" lipstick - $26 on Sephora.com  3: Sara Happ "Brown Sugar" lip scrub- $24 at Sarahapp.com 4: Stila "Stay-all-day" liquid eyeliner - $22 on Sephora.com  5: R+Co "BADLANDS" dry shampoo and hair paste - $28 at R+CO.com or Frost Salon, in Jackson Hole WY 6: Jasmine body oil - $26 available on Herbivore 7: KORRES "Santorini vine" body wash - $11 on feelunique /  Descriptions of my favorite beauty picks, below!


1  Charcoal soap is miraculous for my skin, and will likely be for yours too! It has a magnetic power to absorb dirt and oil, and its #1 ingredient is carbon. Carbon is a natural detoxifier that will assist in pulling out impurities. I have combination skin and this particular product is gently hydrating. 

2  This lipstick... it smells good, it tastes good, and they have a huge selection of awesome colors. I've had a bunch of friendly people waltz up to me and say, "Woah! Your lipstick looks great!". Not everyone says that to one another, I mean- I see plenty of pretty ladies in lipstick? I think it's because I'm finally aware what color/s is complimentary to my skin, hair, and eyes. Your skin tone may not fare well with a fire engine red, but a pink coral, or a deep brown? MAYBE, POSSIBLY, YES. I have spent hours in Sephora just trying on different shades. At a $20 price point, you wouldn't want to spend money on a color that doesn't look good, and you probably won't wear! I am more of a dark to light brown, or deep red gal, myself. For more information on the brand, check out the Bite beauty blog. 

3  Ummm. Have you ever tried a lip scrub? You can certainly make your own at home with a few household products (brown sugar, coconut oil, other essential oils), but if you're not into making your own, this is my #1 to purchase. It's incredibly hydrating (especially with the lip slip), and again, it tastes amazing as one would hope. Just as you would exfoliate your face and body, you should exfoliate your lips a few times a week as well. If you like eating sugar like most people in the world, you will probably enjoy this.

4  I have been using Stila "Stay-all-day" products for 5+ years now. This is my go-to for precise eyeliner and eyebrows. I use the dark brow liner daily, as well. What else can I say? ...if you have a steady hand or you would like to attempt the most sweeping and attractive cat eye, ever - you should give it a flick of the wrist. The worst that can happen is you'll f*ck up and need make-up remover. BUT WAIT! Use a bit of coconut oil to remove, then try it again. Never give up. Cat eyes forever. Meow.

5  R+Co is a new line for me in hair products. I have insanely thin hair- but I've got a lot of it. Dry shampoo is my jam, but dry shampoo WITH a texturizer is even better. It gives my hair a ton of body, hopefully an extra day without showering, and removes most un-necessary oils. Smell factor? 10++ I would normally say the smell is the only thing you're paying for, but I honestly believe this works as a hair product, as well.

6  My partner in crime just gave this to me for Christmas and I'm in love. Jasmine is undeniably one of the nicest and more gratuitous smells in the world (to me.) I use a jasmine essential oil in my diffuser nightly, and even if I'm watching "The Walking dead" I will still have the sweetest dreams. That says a lot, right? Anyway, a little of this body oil goes a long way. Unless of course it's -10 and you're in a hot spring, and your body is frozen...and you smell like sulfur. Then, use a lot of it. 

7   Last, but definitely not least is this gem of a shower gel. I bought this in Sifnos, Greece so it's a little tricky to attain in the states, BUT- if you can find it online, you should. It's a difficult scent to decipher... something in between overwhelming lilacs, jelly beans, and anything that "tastes blue". My room mate thinks the house smells like a spa when I use it (he is a boy), and among other smelly things in my house, I am sure this is the culprit. It's certainly not the hockey bags.