Current Obsessions


1. Bongs totally disgust me, but this water bottle is perfect for the office.

2. MUA Shannon O'Brien finally convinced me to give Milk cosmetics a try. Instantly hooked. I highly recommend the Kush Mascara and Blur Liquid Matte Foundation

3. CFM watercolor cases got me dreaming of painting vivid fluorescent landscapes on the plane.  

4. A recent trip to Los Angeles brought Shorthand into my life. You guys. I can't. 

5. Won't you be my penpal? I have Mr. Rogers stamps!

6. Veda. Veda. Veda. My search for the perfect leather jacket is finally over. 

7. Sober Sally here. I recently learned about the non-alcoholic beer market in Japan, which is far superior to our own. Stop by your local Japanese market next time you have a gathering an want to surprise a non-drinker. For 0.00% they're pretty damn close. 

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