Everyday Non-Essentials


1. Aesop Body Balm. Treat yo self! - BUY IT MEOW

2. Lano Lotion. Lemon cake for your hands! - BUY IT MEOW

3. Basil Mint Chapstick. Pure and simple love. - BUY IT MEOW

4. Yerba Mate. Sparkling Grapefruit Ginger. LaCroix who? - BUY IT MEOW

5. Kate Spade Card Holder. Minimalismmm. Shedless glitter. - BUY IT MEOW

6. Quarters. FOR PINBALL! - Pin finder APP STORE LINK

7. Koala's March! Cutest Cookies. Purse Snacks! - BUY IT MEOW  

8. Everyone sanitizer. 10/10 would bathe in it. - BUY IT MEOW

9. Tea Tree Mint Toothpicks. So fresh and so clean clean. -


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