Oral Surgery Care Package


What a week! I want to share my recommendations for care after oral surgery, dental implants, or wisdom teeth extractions becuase many of my favorites were found on blogs rather than the Doctor's care notes. Mix and match to create an epic care package!


1. Morning / Noon / Evening Pill Organizer. $8.99 Amazon

2. Munchkin Soft-Tip Infant Spoons. $9.02 Amazon.

3. Reusable Hot or Cold Gel-Packs with Stretch Wrap. $22.64 Amazon

4 / 5. Pen + Compact Notebook. $4 Ban.do / $6 Etsy

6. Schylling Panic Pete Squeeze Toy. $7.29 Amazon.

7. Honey Pot CBD Oil Balm. $6.90 Kushfly.

8. Clove Oil (ah-mazing natural pain relief!). $8.98 Amazon

9. Dandelion Root Anti-inflammatory Tea Bags. $7.97 Amazon. 

10. Viva Paper Towels. $18.99 / 8 rolls Amazon. 

11. Tasty Hypoallergenic Sun Bum Lip Balm. $3.99 Amazon

12. Band-Aid Medium Gauze Pads. $15.40 Amazon

13. Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser. $14.99 Amazon.

14. Giant bucket of salt. $0.89 Amazon

15. A cute mug or plastic cup. No straws! $11.00 Ban.do. (Another favorite)

Don't forget the snacks! 

Lots of Mashed Potatoes

   w/ dill + light lemon!

   w/ blue cheese! 

   w/ gravy!

   w/ bbq sauce!

Polenta + Pasta Sauce + Cheese

Cottage Cheese 

Burrata + Balsamic Glaze 

Soups + Broths 

Fresh Brie

Pudding + Jello

Apple Sauce

Kefir Smooties

Veggie Smoothies

Mashed Black Beans + Salt


Scrabbled Eggs  

All the Yogurt!

Bananas + Mango

Hummus + Dips 

Blended Pizza

All the Ice Cream!


Communication is key! Keep a pen and paper handy becuase it will occasionally be painful or hard to speak. Try not to panic and reassure yourself that healing is a process. It's all temporary.  Book a follow-up appointment the same week if you're hypochondriacal or stressed about the unknowns of recovery.

Take care!