WonderCon Treasure


1. Dogs. Punks. Adult content. Liz Suburbia inspires me to create, by any means necessary. Start here

2. Paper Girls is straight up eye candy. I count down the days to each new issue. 

3. I'm completely enamored by risograph colorways. Perfectly Acceptable Press + NO BROW get me. 

4. Down with that Pug Life? Check out Alex Cabal! Cutest business card at WonderCon 😍

5. Is there a special little girl in your life? Buy her Easy Eats: A Bee and PuppyCat Cookbook. Then get her some comics

6. Don't buy this for your little girl. Simon's work is my favorite adult humor. Now you can fan out with stickers by Gatosaurio, too!

7. I was turned on to Raul Trevino's art at WonderCon. Fast fan. 

8. Silver Sprocket was my favorite table at WonderCon. I hope they explode. God Bless Generica's patch made me chuckle. 

9. The Betty & Veronica clothing line is so dreamy. Liiike this jumpsuit with heart cutout... c'monnnn. oof. 

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