The Spring Thing


Well, Spring has sprung in Jackson, Wyoming. We call this "Off-season" here, where the most we hope to accomplish is lazily wearing big sweatshirts, Netflix/HBO go'ing our days away, and enjoying the peace and quiet beneath the mountains.  

With that said, I would love to introduce you to a few of my favorite practical, and impractical finds this season. Things that will make you giggle, write, drink coffee, look pretty, or cheer up. 

1: Just cause I'm awake sweatshirt - $79 at Jac Venek  2: Wyoming Air Company, Grand Teton blend - $25 at Wyoming Air Co  3: Sparkly Soul headband- $17 at Sparkly soul  4: Beer can lapel pin and Vacation forever lapel pin $7 on Night Watch  5: Amy Marsh LOVE ME mug - $20 at  6:  Mountain range brass ring - & brown spike bracelet available on Pink Midnight Jewelry  7: Batteries not included coin purse - $221 on Anya Hindmarch  8: Small copper soft cover notebook - $8 on POPPIN /  Descriptions of products below!

1: Just cause you're awake, doesn't mean you can function... yet. Generally I'm a sweatshirt gal until noon...ish. Plus- by then, it's warm enough to begin my run! I suppose I prefer to get my brain going first. Joyously having three roommates, maybe they will catch my drift with this sweatshirt without even speaking- as I get my sh*t together. 2: This has to be one of the most hilarious, and entertaining products I have seen this year. If you live in Jackson hole, you'll understand the validity of this bottle of fresh air. We do have the best air, and we know it. Over 6,000 feet above sea level, we are completely happy living on our own planet and making a huge joke of the "craft" industry. But hey, don't get me wrong - we love our craft cocktails... For a laugh, watch this video of Dave explaining his love for this particularly special, bottled air. You can purchase t-shirts, mugs, and other paraphernalia to support our National Parks. 3: These are by far the BEST headbands that I have ever had the pleasure of wearing. They are comfy, come in a million different colors, and they don't ever slide. Anyone who has ever worn one can understand the frustration with headbands that just don't do the hair trick. I know, they're a bit pricey... but you only need one, and I promise they are totally worth it. Also, they don't have to be sparkly4: Night Watch. Amazing art, best pins, patches, and general all over hilarity for all. Make sure to order pins and patches right away because they don't last (they're practically collectors items!) and are made in super small batches. Gotta pin em' all.  5: Amy Marsh is an awesome illustrator, she's adorable, and I love this mug. Look at the rest of her art & follow her on instagram! 6:  Pink Midnight Jewelry has a special place in my heart... because she is one of my very best ladyfriends. Natasha Ryan began her company a few years ago, and has totally impressed me with her edgy designs, pastel color palette, and unique style. Seamlessly mixing sharp edges with curvy corners, her jewelry has a mixed personality and is perfect for every day wear. Funday office will soon feature one of a kind jewelry from Pink Midnight! 7: Anya Hindmarch is an English fashion accessories designer with a fabulous (and classy) sense of humor. 10 years ago, I acquired a gold coin purse and have been using it ever since. Quality is key, and her designs prove that high fashion doesn't have to mean you need to leave the jokes at home. 8:  My favorite working girl notebook, this is a great find because it's EASY to find. It doesn't get lost in the deep dark depths of your purse ...and plus, who doesn't want a shiny notebook handy? has great organizers, pens, and all kinds of fun notebooks for your work-zone and beyond.