Department Chicago


Brandon and Katie of Department Chicago have teamed up to bring us the first affordable modern day stereo console with good looks and great sound!  Act fast and you can snag one of the few remaining (heavily discounted) pre-orders left on this fully-funded Kickstarter

The Hifi­Console is a mid­century inspired stereo console built for this generation’s music listener. It's equipped with a Bluetooth­enabled amp that will connect to your favorite devices as well as audio inputs to connect your turntable, TV, or any other audio accessories. For close to half a century the stereo cabinet design and functionality has remained largely untouched. 

Department is teaming up with an experienced audio engineer to help develop the sound and function of the Hifi­Console. Teaming up with an audio specialist ensures the console sounds as good as it looks.“We are aiming to revitalize and modernize a consumer product that once brought friends and families together as a social gathering point.” says, Katie Mckiernan, co­founder. “Currently the only modern stereo consoles on the market are well above the budget of your casual music listener. Our cabinet offers beautifully crafted form and function without the hefty price tag.”

Department started three years ago as a furniture company specializing in vintage and mid-century goods. With the knowledge that Katie and Brandon gained as vintage dealers, they were able to design and build their own line of furniture. Department’s handmade furniture is an homage to the simple designs and designers of the past, offered at an affordable price. They wish to continue to bring these simple concepts to Department’s future furniture and audio products.

Each piece of furniture is designed and hand built at Department’s workshop in Chicago’s Ukrainian Village neighborhood. “We choose to build everything in house, so that we can maintain quality control” says, Brandon Blunden co­founder. “We personally inspect each piece before it is packaged and picked up for delivery”.