August Funday Reading


Here’s a peek at the books keeping my nightstand company. Are you interested in a book or zine exchange? Mail in one of your favorites and I’ll send one back! Please include your return address and a note about what you find interesting or useful.

PO Box 16158 San Diego, California 92176


In the Company of Women: Inspiration and Advice from over 100 Makers, Artists, and Entrepreneurs $19.21 Amazon I'm almost half way through this one and it has already been endlessly useful. Such a solid purchase for anyone looking for extra motivation or a spark of inspiration. 


MUFF Issue #1: STUFF was one of my favorite finds at Tijuana Zine Fest. You can purchase online from This is a biannual print magazine based out of Berkeley and Mexico City. In each issue, they receive contributions around a theme, collaging a picture of how our spiritual inheritance applies to the the trancendant and mundane. 


I Like Your Work: Art and Etiquette $10 Amazon I'm slowly learning how to express my art and musical interests. Speaking directly to artists is even harder! Here's hoping this helps. All About Love $18.79 Amazon Social Activist Bell Hooks (Gloria Jean Watkins) frequently comes up in interviews on a podcast I adore, Guys We've Fucked

Iris Apfel Accidental Icon $22.48 Amazon Watched her documentary on Netflix and now I'm hungry for more! The relationship between Iris and husband was beautiful to watch and admire. 

Ralph & Kacoo A Taste of Louisiana Cookbook $6.99 Amazon This one was picked up at an Estate Sale because well... it's cute. I'm over the moon about visiting New Orleans for the first time this year! You can check out all the places I plan to visit in the NOLA Travel Guide.  

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