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Ash + Chess  Let's Get Outta Here Key Tag

Ash + Chess Let's Get Outta Here Key Tag

Whether it’s a sketchbook like @gentlethrills created for her Tokyo diary or the meticulous to-do guides I tend to build, travel journals are my absolute favorite! I love learning about new cities from through eyes of someone who has traveled there before me.

Our year end zine will undoubtedly contain many travel tips. You’re invited to contribute by mailing in your own life experiences. Where you've been, where you are, or where your going- we're into it all! A list of your favorite pizza shops, photos from a recent trip, a story about searching for a place to live, a plane drawing, a map of your favorite road trip... join in! Get creative + have fun. 

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Laissez les bon temps rouler!

In the spirit of sharing, here’s my travel guide for an upcoming trip to New Orleans. You’ll notice many of nola’s main attractions have been omitted. I’ll be spending part of the trip with friends attending a wedding that will cover many of those bases. On the days of solo adventure I’m looking forward to thunderstorms, drum lines, technicolor wabi-sabi style, intimate music venues, luxurious hotels, day drinking in dark bars, eating all the food, and learning more about the city's storied past. I prefer to explore aimlessly around town, but find it helpful to have a map of interesting spots I may be close to. That way I don’t waste time there looking for things to do or suffering from extreme fomo while eating at McDonalds. Ya feel?



I'll be staying with friends for the majority of the trip, but wanted to splurge on one night to decompress before heading home. Hotels like Catahoula, Henry Howard, Old 77, ACE, and Monteleone made it seriously hard to choose! In the end, I picked a historic architectural gem from 1927, The Pontchartrain Hotel. I will put up a fight if any ghosts try to hide the room's Le Labo bath products from me! the building was recently taken over by AJ, known for another space I covet, The Chicago Athletic Hotel

Google Maps

Google maps is an amazing resource to plan walking routes and stumble upon unique gems. Currently drooling over these!


Food shows, documentaries, YouTube and Instagram are my favorite ways to find restaurants. Use their website to note hours and pre-check menus. 


Find stellar coffee shops by researching local roasters and who they supply.


Dive bars are a great place for local history lessons. Here you can learn (while doing laundry) 24 hours a day! 


Cocktails are a fine way to enjoy a hotel or restaurant that you only have half the time or money for. 


Music can be found everywhere here. These are a few venues with programming to suit my taste. I hope to find bounce and lots of drum lines! 


Finally, I'll sprinkle all that with some art, pinball, swamp adventure, shopping and thrift store action.

The final step is sharing my list and map with you. I hope this helps you make the most of your adventures.