Starstruck Holiday


MUA Shannon O’Brien never disappoints, whether you’re looking for a fail proof DIY Halloween costume, jaw dropping makeup tutorials, or everyday looks. Her last event look made me gasp and run to the closest internet browser. Enter my newest obsession, designer Lirika Matoshi. This NYE, I don’t want to dance under the disco ball, I want to be the disco ball.

Once a month I do a quick flip through Vogue and usually end up flipping over something. This go around is was all about Balmain’s Fall 2018 Ready to wear runway. I AM READY TO WEAR.

You might be wondering where the hell I’m going. Well. Let me tell you. I’ll be flying across the country to see a sparsely known band, The Biscuits this NYE. Remember that animatronic band from Chuck E Cheese? Well they’ve been revived, retooled, and reprogrammed by @davidvondle to cover The Misfits at a pinball bar in Chicago. What ☁️A DREAM ☁️

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