Reserved For Loitering


"Reserved For Loitering is part of an ongoing project, How To Loiter, that seeks to re-imagine and create new sites for loitering through a Public Service Announcement style campaign. This temporary public art project includes signs, banners and balloons. My intent with this project is twofold in aiming not only to change the public perception about loitering, but also to encourage purposeful action while loitering. At the current stage of the project I've been trying to put the signs into peoples hands so they can determine where people can loiter.  I'm actively looking for community partners and neighborhoods to distribute the signs, if you would be interested please reach out

These images document the project in St. Louis, MO, Los Angeles, CA, Philadelphia, PA, Albuquerque, NM,  Washington D.C. and Baltimore, MD. This project will move to various communities across the United States over the next two-three years."

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Reserved For Loitering Book


This book documents Reserved for Loitering signs that I have illegally dropped wherever I find “No Loitering” signs. This book documents the project in eight cities across the US.

Reserved for Loitering is part of a larger project called How to Loiter which seeks to re­imagine and create public sites for loitering through a tongue­-in­-cheek Public Service Announcement­-style campaign, discussion and collaborative workshops that examine the loitering laws in various cities around the United States.

This project explores the amount of underused public and private space in the city and challenges accepted norms around loitering.

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Reserved for Loitering Balloon

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Reserved For Loitering Yard Sign

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