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It's a twofor! What better way to kick this off than in introduction straight from Little Dame's new Zine? Shop owners Simone Weinstein and Katie Howard share my love for cute packaging, personalized notes, stickers, and the adorable Adam's Ave Post Office. I am so thankful to have their alternative arts space in what can be a very conservative city. The art scene in San Diego is not what I was accustomed to in Chicago so I really cherish niches when I discover them here. These two are truly trailblazers!

Beyond being champions for the arts, they're all about women supporting each other. I grew up thinking having a ton of male friends was the way to go. Spewing out garbage about how they're just easier to get along with. Along the way, I discovered that's a personal problem I should probably work on. I'm a very different person today and when I meet women like these two I'm so thankful for where I am now. 


I could listen to Simone talk about her life experiences for hours. I highly suggest stopping in to say hello if you're in San Diego! It's just one of those stores, ya know? A mix between crawling inside Tumblr and hanging out in your friends room (with AC on a hot summer day). Simone also has a blog, Pixley Temperance, if you'd like to follow along with her adventures, artwork, taxidermy projects, or just enjoy some photos of her pug Mae. 

Ok. OK! Before we move on to Katie's letter I'll share some photos of the little loaf Mae:

It's been a minute since I received these letters. Sometimes side projects need to chill on the sidelines while life takes over. Pretty stoked to see Katie got engaged on that camping trip she was looking forward to! Congrats! 

Katie's art is branded under the name CrimsinClover. Little Dame unusually has clothing, bags, stickers, home goods, and such with her illustrations. You may see her stickers and hand drawn envelopes in your Funday mail!

Four ways to support Little Dame

(becuase I want them to stick around foreverrrr)



Things are constantly evolving in their shop. Each trip is a new experience! 



A selection of their in shop items are also available online. Here are a couple of cuties I have my eyes on:


Little Dame frequently hosts a wide range of maker workshops. I hope to attend their upcoming night with Oxford Punch Needlers, PUNCH! They also support and sponsor unique events around the city. Follow their Instagram to stay up to date. If you're interested in taxidermy, Little Dame could be a great resource for you. If you're confused by taxidermy, I highly recommend listening to their Death & Taxidermy presentation below. 


Last time I stopped in the shop, Simone and Katie were excited about doing studio tours with artists they stock. I was anxious to see the posts and dropped off a few books to help inspire them along the way. Namely, The Selby and Studio Life. Their first post featuring printshop Tiny Splendor (!!!) posted a few days ago! Check it out here

tiny splendor.png

More Interviews with Little Dame:

Serious respect for speaking there! Creative Morning events are an inspiring way to start the day.

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