Funday Office Zine

Zines are non-professional publications created by enthusiasts (us) sometimes with the help of friends and contributors (you). They are easily reproduced with the magic of a photocopier. They are distributed at fests to inspire and educate like-minded cool people. Sometimes they’re sold to recuperate production costs, but it’s also fun to trade them with other trail blazers. Some are funny. Some are sad. They are all unique.

Content from this site will be combined with other goodness to produce a superior year-end zine. You’re invited to contribute by mailing in stories, art, or any other content you dream up. Each month we will post a new topic to spark your inspiration. We welcome content from any month’s topic until December 31st 2018. Please join in! Get creative. Get real. Get weird.  Include a return address and you might find a surprise of equal or greater thought and effort in your mailbox.


PO Box 16158 San Diego, California 92176


Be The Change

What do you care about? What are you fighting for, rooting for, or working towards? A cause? A person? A place? How can others help? What do you need, want, feel? Let's hear it! 🚩✨

Artwork by  Katie Kimmel .

Artwork by Katie Kimmel.

Bon Appétit!

What's more fun than eating snacks? Draw us a photo of the last meal you ate! Mail us your last Trader Joe's shopping list! A photo of your favorite bodega? A heartfelt poem about your crush on the server at Outback Steakhouse 🍬✨


Professional Professionals

Mail us a letter and share some podcasts that help you get through the workday. Tell us about the best career advice you've received. A mood board for your dream office space. A copy of your resume. Get creative. Get informative. Burn the midnight oil! Get it done! 📎✨


Ballin' on a budget

We want to hear about how you treat yourself on a budget. A recent thrifting adventure. Have you ever been dumpster diving? Is there an app you use to help manage your money? Draw a picture of something you're saving up for 👛✨


The Grass is Greener

Let's hear about a time when you wanted something others had. How did it make you feel and what did you do about it? What did you find out when you got there? 👀✨



What refuels you? Relaxes you? Keeps you healthy and safe? What helped you find rhythm in life? What happened when you weren't talking care of yourself? What made you want to change? What would you do differently? 💭✨


Love & Loss

The only constant is change. Nothing lasts for ever. Love is a loosing game. Lucky in Love. Ya hear? Let's hear it.  💔✨


Impossible Conversations

Oh, the dread. Share something about a time when everything changed. The big talk. That fateful night. When it was all laid out on the table. When it all came together or when it all fell apart 💬✨