Tour Guide: Newberry Springs

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Image Source

Halfway between San Diego and Las Vegas lies the forgotten city of Newberry Springs, California. This ghost town is an urban decay playground for creative adventurers looking for an off-beat attraction. In the photo above Noel Kerns brought Newberry's abandoned Henning Motel back to life with a pink-gelled strobe under the night sky. The scene becomes even eerier after a few days of sensory overload in Las Vegas.

You may have casually noticed the remnants of Rock-A-Hoola Waterpark while driving on 15. Many Newberry Springs stories begin in the 60's and this one is no different. The park began as a two-slide attraction for locals at the man-made Lake Dolores. It rapidly grew over the years, added more attractions, closed, reopened, closed, reopened, yadda yadda.

The park was notably used in in recent years by Boards of Canada to publicly debut their 2013 album Tomorrow's Harvest and again 2016 by PWR BTTM to film their deliciously glittery 'West Texas' video.

 I should also mention that there's talk of the park reopening (again). Hop to it! 

If this is your cup of tea, there's plenty to be made around Newberry! 

Haley Hauck