Tour Guide: Las Vegas Sober & Cheap (or not)


Are you thinking about going to Vegas? In a month? In a year? Stop everything you're doing and call this number right now. Louis Vuitton commissioned a James Turrel installation, AKHOB, that's tucked away in Hidden Vegas. The experience is completely free if you take the time to plan ahead. It books up weeks in advance! 


If you aren't able to make an appointment in time, head to Crystals one of Las Vegas's high-end malls. James Turrell also has Shards of Color on view for the public. I could spend hours window shopping and wondering around this building.  

Here's my running list of favorite spots around Vegas, aside from the strip stroll, which is obviously a must! One of the best things about Vegas is that excitement will most likely find you.

Drinking things for my drinking friends:

  1. Bloody Mary Meal at Todd English Pub
  2. Holstein's Boozy Milkshake
  3. Frankies Tiki
  4. Atomic Liquors
  5. The Laundry Room Speakeasy
  6. Double Down Saloon
  7. Artifice
  8. ReBar


Haley Hauck