Tour Guide: San Diego Coffee Shops


Looking for a coffee shop in San Diego? Here are my top picks! 


Hawthorn Coffee If you ever have really bad news to share with me, do it here over Iced Coffee and Mango Habanero Brie Toast. NOTHING CAN HURT ME with that duo on my side. Also, everyone who works here is super sweet.

Communal Coffee For some reason I keep coming back here. Oh, most likely because their bathroom key comes on a giant dinosaur, I can work on a swing and leave with fresh cut flowers from Native Poppy. The only way I see this spot improving is if someone jumped out and hugged me every time I walked through the door.

Krakatoa Their patio feels like you're sitting in a tree house. Who doesn't want to sit in a treehouse? Krakatoa is also a leading contender on San Diego's lackluster bagel circuit.

Lestat's Coffee House (a.k.a. Vampire Coffee) First off, all three of their locations are open 24 hours 365 days a year. I highly recommend the new location at 1047 University Ave during summer heatwaves. You're going to want a light sweater because those AC units are not playing around.  Their Park Ave location is wonderful for anyone who enjoys giant iMacs in inappropriate places.

Holsem Coffee I'm a black iced coffee kinda gal and pretty easy to please. I head to Holsem when I'm touring friends who prefer a little more je ne sais quoi within a modern high-design environment.

Cafe Moto Coffee roasting and Italian motorcycles are what they're all about. A chic nook in Barrio Logan with cozy patio options and a lavish rotating roster of blends.

Young Hickory I'm hesitant to add Young Hickory on this list because it's everyone's coffee shop office. It can be hard to find a spot at any given time of the day. Their saving grace? The ice cubes. Oh, and beer. I'm told the lox bagels are pretty legit, too.

Por Vida Mmm... before we get to coffee I wanna shout out their damn tasty Mexican drinks like the Spicy Sandia! Oof... nothing but love. This open air culture cafe is also a strong supporter of the thriving art scene in Barrio Logan. Head over there this weekend to swap inspiration with SD Zine Fest!

Haley Hauck