Tour Guide: WonderCon Anaheim


... yes, another con. Here's a quick rundown of spots to see and places to eat around WonderCon. Anaheim beyond Disneyland. 

Our Anaheim adventure list quickly turned into a treasure map of 1960's diners and motels to visit once time machines are available for rent. I hung out the car window like a puppy as we drive through neighborhoods, ogling gingerbread houses with scalloped awnings and a-frame living rooms. 

One of my favorite finds was The Linbrook Bowl, a 1958 structure seemingly frozen in time. Time? oh, this bowling alley is open 24-hours! I'm anxious to head back one night for karaoke in the prism mirrored Kopa Room cocktail lounge. They also have pinball, pizzza, and bottomless coffee. SOLD.  

Haley Hauck