MA Design & Voice Over: Multiplying Creative Pursuits


I am infinitely inspired by minimalist design & the art of constructive communication. Specifically, how to appreciate, and gain the most in life through multiple creative pursuits. 

In 2013, I gave up the New York "L train" and relocated to Jackson Hole, Wyoming - a small mountain town adjacent to the Teton mountain range. I have always been passionate about living a healthy lifestyle and surrounding myself with fresh air, and positive people. MA Design ( allows me to combine my formal design education, natural communication abilities, and conscious appreciation of mother nature.

I've never been one to limit myself creatively, so by pursuing more than one interest, I find clarity and always learn something new!

....we should focus in on our ideas. and make sure that we own them, that we are truly the authors of our own ambitions. Because it’s bad enough, not getting what you want, but it’s even worse to have an idea of what it is you want and find out at the end of a journey, that it isn’t, in fact, what you wanted all along.
— Alain de Botton


My writing provides persuasive and attention-grabbing copy for both small and large business applications. I apply branding strategies to a range of media - from web platforms, business campaigns, and biographies. 

My goal is to emphasize polished  ("pun" for everyone!) writing, combined with innovative thinking.

Selected copywriting client, Melvin Brewing.

Graphic Design & Illustration

Committed to providing simple, elegant, and effective graphics, I work alongside my clients to explore all interests and build an image you love.
Past design projects range from Logo design, Cd and T-shirt design, Web design, Package design and Corporate identity. 

Selected clients include Contour Music Festival, Friends of Pathways, YogaToday, Michael Batdorf,
One Ton Pig, Brainfarm, Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, Excel Physical Therapy, Aion headwear,
L. Condoms and Asymbol.


Creative Consultation

As a toddler in the 80's, I could be spotted waving, chatting and dancing with everyone around me (including mannequins) in New York City department stores. I believe these early interactions fueled my desire to communicate openly with others.

I'm excited to help you open up and get creative! Never Therapy. Always Therapeutic. Our 1:1 conversation will provide you with personalized organizational tactics and educated guidance to streamline your personal and business pursuits. 

Facing uncertainty that follows the life of an artist can be a difficult road at times, but gaining perspective through an outside opinion can spark the right conversation needed to help you break through road blocks in your career. 

Digital Content 

Growing up as a dancer, I have considered photography to be quite similar. Just as I would choreograph a dance, I focus on circulation- between both the subject and it's surroundings. Originally attending SCAD with a photography scholarship in 2008 I have explored many subjects, but have gravitated towards styling- with a focus on make-up and fashion. 


In 2013, I completed an education in Voice over training at Edge Studio in midtown Manhattan, where I wrote and assisted in directing my 3-minute narrative demo. I have capabilities of recording at both my in-home studio as well as facilities in Jackson, Wyoming and beyond.

Selected Voice over clients include Yoga Today, General Assembly NYC, Beachbody LA, and Ace Hardware. (Recordings below)


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