I was recently introduced to the bold and beautiful work of Australian artist @mrseaves101 while talking to a friend about shows coming up in March. Her latest exibxit, MRS EAVES 101: The Hand-Painted Typography of Gemma O’Brien, will be the purrrfect pit stop to kick-off this roadtrip! Speaking of bold murals, Jen Stark just blessed the walls of Culver City's new shopping center PLATFORM with "Technicolor Ooze". Weeeeee! 

S/O to JUICE served here which opened another location in PLATFORM. You can bet I'll lurk inside for at least a few bottles of their tasty cocktail mixers *eeerm* I mean juice to-go. Juice: the most LA habit I've picked up while dabbling in LA.

This month I was able to attend my first LA Art Book Fair. Holy shit. It was intense. If you missed the event, I highly recommend marking your 2017 calendar now. I would definitely recommend a full day because trying to pack that massive showing into a schedule just isn't going to work. I'm looking forward to taking it down a notch in the LA Zine Fest next month. OK. Well... maybe that's a lie if this massive 2016 exhibitors list has anything to say about it. I guess I should start doing my homework now. 

Everything flows, nothing stands still. All is flux. The only constant is change. Sometimes your favorite book store closes and you cry yourself to sleep at night. Sometimes your favorite bookstore closes and they move to a way move convenient location and expand their selection. Lucky for my March 2016 roadtrip the latter is true!

Hennessey + Ingalls Arts & Architecture Bookstore closed it's doors in Santa Monica last year and totally gave me the sads. Their new facility at YARDS / One Santa Fe opened in the LA Arts District last month. I can't wait to skip down the aisles and drool over the work of 1,000's of people far more talented and inspiring than myself. Seriously. This store RULES. 

Pi(n)zza and cold beer break! I haven't been to 82 LA yet, but it looks chill. It's listed! Moving on....

Hey! Can everyone on Instagram please get OUT OF MY FACE with your adorable creepy photos from Break Bread? UGH! I can't wait to catch the tail end of this 30 day art installation at Think Tank Gallery. In addition to being a total eye candy feast, this 9,000 sqft show will host a unique event every night! Check out the Break Bread info page to view the schedule and RSVP to whatever floats yer boat.

Pretty sure hanging out in a fake cake is going to make me want cake. If you drive to LA and don't come back with a box from Donut Friend, did you ever really go to LA? NOPE. Hey, Drive Like Jelly! Hey, Fudgegazi! GET IN MY FACE <3 Their donuts and many of the DIY fillings / toppings are made without eggs or dairy- vegans rejoice! Here are my favorites: