Bring On The Callie Heat

Callie Reiff looks like she just stepped out of a "Limited too" and DGAF. A former ballerina, NYC native, and only 16-years-old, Callie is destroying the club scene. Soaking in big support from Annie Nightingale (of BBC radio) and Marcus Nasty (Rinse FM) for both her originals and insane remixes, that cover all the bass-es. 

These days she's playing venues like Webster Hall, Output, Slake, and, Terminal 5. No big deal, just the most popular venues in NYC- and technically not even allowed past the hangry security dudes.

When I listen to her remixes I feel like zoning out to my slap-happy-cobrasnake-portrait-sneak-in-the-back-door-under-age-gin-and-tonic days at Hiro ballroom & Movida. 

Enjoy losing your mind inside the brain of a teen! Who needs pants, anyway?