TLS #44: The Art of Relaxation + Creativity

I don’t think I’ll ever forget the feeling of counting minutes in a beige cubicle and catching a @JenGotch IG post at 2:17 on a Tuesday. My desire for change was palatable. This conversation begins joking about self-exploration after moving to California in your 20s and learning how to direct garbled creative energy. Listening to Jen retrospectively articulate this phase of her personal creative life, and the path to finding a job she identified with, felt like a long cozy hug. 

She touches base on her business baby, Ban.Do, starting at inception and moving through growth and sale. I’ve always admired her for keeping it real on what can be a vapid internet wasteland. I am sure many others feel this way, too. There are very real cons of “living in the moment” as a business professional- the struggle to maintain a “creativity on demand” mind and that pesky complex which makes you feel guilty for relaxing. 

Learning when to relax and how to recharge your mind + body is absofuckinglutely essential to success. Internal self-doubt is unavoidable and working to prove yourself wrong is a necessity. Knowing there was a day when Jen Gotch had anxiety about talking to someone in Burger King drive-thru will help me sleep tonight. Life is a lesson you learn along the way. Girl Gang Forever, Jen. Happy Funday!

This podcast is perfect for anyone looking to learn more about Jen Gotch, strengthen their creative muscles, relax more, or hear from someone who has sold a business and became a creative director.